Younger looking for older for fwb

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By foxxy , May 20, in Age Gap Relationships. I am a year-old widow with kids and he is 29, single. We met for an ONS and enjoyed so much and have been seeing each other regularly for almost a year now. He said I am one of the best things in his life, he didn't know he would do without me, and he never had anybody been so nice to him. I have nothing to lose and just want to have a great time with him and treat him like a king. I know I have fallen in love with him. I will never tell him about my feelings for him.

I don't expect him to ever return my love. He has his future ahead of him. I don't want to be in his way. I want to see him happy. I always tell him he needs to find his dream girl of his life. He always says maybe someday, will see how the future plays out. My head tells me not to dream about anything, we met for sex and nothing has changed. But sometimes my heart just aches for him, knowing we will walk away eventually. Am I too crazy and silly to be in a FWB relationship like this? I know he is not mine and will never be mine, but I can't imagine life without him. Why don't you tell him how you feel?

Maybe he feels the same way too. There is no need for such heartbreak. Yes I agree with captain obvious. Its ok for you to get your jollies with a younger guy, nothing wrong with that, but you are emotionally invested now, and you know it. I don't know this guy but it seems highly unlikely that he will invest in a "real" relationship with you, given your age difference. What if he wants to have kids down the track? What if he wants a younger woman to show off to his friends down the track?? I just came out of a casual arrangement, the guy has met a new lady he wants to develop something meaningful with and now he doesn't even give me a passing word - do you want to go through that?

I didn't want to throw it in his face and leave it up to him to be the bad guy or stay because he would feel sorry to break my heart. He wants to be married and have children someday. I won't be able to have more kids. I also don't believe I would feel secure even if he wants to be with me. I would be spending all my time wondering when he's going to find his dream girl and leave me. It is not inconceivable that he could fall for you. But i think to do it you'd have to end the FWB relationship and do it with total indifference. Telling him how you feel at this point is relationship suicide.

You need to rezero things first. I know. Sometimes I feel like to tell him my love for him so he would leave. That's the only way to break up with him since I can't do it. But I feel it's not fair to ambush him like that to make him the bad guy. I know what I am doing from the beginning. It just feels good to be able to talk about this a little. I have never told anybody about him.

Thank you everybody. I don't see how being honest with him is "throwing it in his face". You have to protect yourself. Do you get something out of this relationship? If you like the sex, very good but if you have other feelings, maybe you should be honest instead of torturing yourself.

I get great sex with him, and we text a lot. He is always sweet to me, tells me a lot about himself, and always cheers me up when I am down; I do the same for him. It is really satisfying to have a young man giving me so much attention, calling me sexy, and enjoying my cooking. He always says I am too good to him. I think it means he would not be able to return it to me. I don't think I will achieve anything by telling him my feelings.

I really don't see us together for the long run. I would be jealous with every young woman he encounters. I will always be worrying when he is going to find his dream girl and leave me. He has his issues too that he's not in a relationship. Some times I'd joke with him about finding his dream girl when he is out with friends. He always says he's not looking for anything right now. He says he's happy with the way things are. I know he is really busy with work, school, and volunteering, and now me that he has no time for a committed relation.

If he wants to be with me, how likely for something like this to work out? First I can see his family furious at him and me. I don't know if he could handle that. His family is very important to him that he had said he has to marry someone in the same ethnic background to make them happy. I don't want to change his belief. Last night we were talking about maybe getting another tattoo.

I said it hurt a lot when I got the first one and if he would go with me. He didn't reply. It was like asking him for a date. I felt dumb and texted him that it was a wrong question. He replied this morning saying he fell asleep and he would love to go with me.

I hope he really meant it, but am also afraid about what the future will play out that we if he is are falling for each other deeper and deeper. I hope he really meant it. I hope he meant it too and maybe he did BUT Meaning when you ask them to do something for you, ask a favour, or request their company for anything that could be construed as "relationshippy" and they ignore it, or say yes but then don't follow through.

Equally, pay attention if they seem to be "warming up" to you and start doing things that could be construed as "relationshippy" or ask you out to lunch or dinner or take on a date and then pull back, cancel at the last minute I went through this with my last yes he was testing me and he wasn't "confused" about what we are at all Putting the breaks on when the arrangement seems to be going "off course" into relationship land is a sure he wants you back where you were, as a convenient lay, oh, and a source of delicious free meals by the sound of it.

These are the types of things that you will put up with and they will drive you crazy, and if you don't see long term potential with him anyway, I really don't think you should put yourself through all that drama and waste your time and hurt your precious heart.

Sorry of this sounds harsh but I think a hard headed approach is needed when navigating the murky waters of fwb That's what I am hoping to just have a good time with him and not to expect anything would grow out of this. And keep my eyes open for the right man. I just don't get to meet many men in my life. My circles are mostly around the kids and my job is a female dominent profession. I tried online dating and really didn't find anything that I want to invest my time with.

I think I should start letting friends know that I am ready to date and consider friends' opinions in what to find. They have always been there for me since my husband passed away. Reading what he said again, "I'd love to go with you" is not the same as "I will go with you. I will not be so dumb to try to follow thru with it unless he mentions it again.

Last year he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I wasn't expecting but did hope he would do something, but we didn't see each other for couple of months and he never mentioned anything again. He just asked me when my birthday is. I told him not to worry about it, but he insisted he wanted to do something for me. So I finally told him my birthday and that I would be hoping for something.

Younger looking for older for fwb

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