Women want sex Bonanza

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An interesting comes courtesy of Sally Quinn, a woman who started at Smith College in Quinn tells Miller:. That all sounds very quaint and repressed, but compare this with an I received from a reader who had also just lost her virginity at She said:. I initiated it, we used protection, and he was nice and respectful. Thousands of toys to pick from! Everything a guy or gal could want and more.

As we recently discussed , casual sex has reached a strange plateau for women. Rebecca Traister also dug in deeper on the issue in a related piece for New York , examining the fact that modern feminism, in painting the concept of sex positivity with such broad strokes, has inadvertently left an important factor out of the discussion —quality:. The result is a neatly halved sexual universe, in which there is either assault or there is sex positivity. Which means a vast expanse of bad sex — joyless, exploitative encounters that reflect a persistently sexist culture and can be hard to acknowledge without sounding prudish — has gone largely uninterrogated, leaving some young women wondering why they feel so fucked by fucking.

Attitudes have changed, but not so much as to allow women to be forthright in pursuit of their own specific, explicit pleasure. So where does this leave us? The issue of bad sex is obviously not a brand new problem. I must point out here, again, that I attended college in the s, when sex was just as shitty barring a very few notable exceptions, of course, who should be paid handsomely to tour colleges teaching other men how to be attentive lovers. The game is rigged because its still inordinately centered on male pleasure, which is idiotically simple compared to the kaleidoscope that is lady lust.

Women may choose freely to engage in this disappointingly one-dimensional sex, but they still must show up to this lame party with a disproportionate amount of enthusiasm and prep-work, something largely drawn off pornographic notions of pleasure and performance. Having humiliating sex with a man who treats you terribly at a frat party is bad but not inherently worse than being publicly shunned for having had sex with him, or being unable to obtain an abortion after getting pregnant by him, or being doomed to have disappointing sex with him for the next 50 years.

But how do we get this conversation going? Worth noting is that sex gets better as you get older because at some point you are both more confident and too old to pretend things that suck are good. Maybe in another 50 years, this will start to sink in. So: advice? Best music? Any and all suggestions appreciated! The A. About Jezebel Store. By Tracy Moore. Open kinja-labs.

Women want sex Bonanza

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