Want to lick a girls ass

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Episode 4 of HBO's satirical comedy The White Lotus concludes with what can only be described as an unforgettable cliffhanger. In the scene, hotel masseuse Belinda Natasha Rothwell and Shane Patton Jake Lacy bust into the office of White Lotus manager Armond, who has his face planted firmly between the butt cheeks of Dillon Lukas Gage , his much younger, surfer-bro employee. If you've never seen—let alone experienced—a rim job, you may have questions beyond what all of this means for Armond and Dillon in episode 5.

Whether you call it a rim job , analingus, tossing salad, eating booty, or good old-fashioned ass licking, there's no question that having your partner's mouth explore your rear end can be a highly pleasurable experience.

It's not just the psychological thrill of doing something "taboo," although that's certainly part of it—there's also a physiological reason that having your booty licked can feel so good. While people of all genders and sexual orientations can engage in ass licking, the fine art of analingus seems to be especially common in the gay male community.

According to Dr. Jordan Rullo, a certified sex therapist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, an ass-licking rim job is definitely something people enjoy, but exactly how many people do it is unknown. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that According to the 10 analingus enthusiasts we reached out to, the answer is a resounding yes. Here's how they described the sensation of getting a rim job. If it's soft and sensual, that feeling spre slowly throughout my body.

It's almost comforting. If it's rough and passionate, it tears through me, lighting up my senses. It makes me notice every sensation on my body in detail. I really thought I'd hate it, but between thigh nibbles and slow teasing towards it, I was able to let go fully into it.

I must admit it did make my eyes pop out with the shock of how nice it was as added foreplay. And adding in the sound of a man going insane and my own moans? The warmth of his tongue meeting the warmth of my asshole. Pulsing, teasing, wetting, sending waves of pleasure up through my body as my asshole twitches around and beneath his hungry mouth.

It creates all the body tingles. Bonus points for a little scruffy beard to brush against your butt cheeks. Now, I love it. It can be a really amazing part of foreplay or something fun all by itself. I liken it to having my nipples played with, in that it feels like I'm letting someone close to a really sensitive part of me. I'm a strict top , but having my ass licked makes me melt. As if someone had placed some rubbing oil on my back to give me a massage. If the person doing the licking knows what they are doing, all my tension just melts away.

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Want to lick a girls ass

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