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With coronavirus keeping us at home, many of us have been taking a long, hard look at our most intimate relationships — and deciding to end them. H annah began to question her relationship when her boyfriend chose not to live with her during lockdown. But friends reassured her that it was only natural not to want to start living together in such stressful circumstances.

Though they had agreed to speak regularly, Hannah quickly noticed they were drifting apart. They started to argue about everything, especially politics. That sort of thing really weighed on my mind as I have friends who have been directly affected by Covid. I missed my friends a lot more. I actually preferred breaking up in lockdown, as I was able to think clearly and distract myself by being with my family. They tend to go out more and spend more time travelling, so it was more of a shock to the system.

She and her partner had busy lives outside of the home and each other and would come together for certain events and activities. With no news to bring in from the outside world, they ran out of things to say to each other. While she was a social butterfly, her partner was more comfortable staying in. In many cases, the crisis has aggravated existing tensions. But the break made her realise that their attitudes to family life were very different. He loves having his family around all the time and finds it funny when they make a mess and run wild.

As lockdown started to ease, Angela found herself dreading a return to chaos and has made the decision to find a new place to live. Steve has accepted her decision to move out and she hopes that they might be able to rebuild the relationship if they live apart. It will depend whether he is going to put the effort in when we live separately. Peter Saddington, a counsellor and psychosexual therapist for Relate, says that lockdown has accentuated differences in attitudes to parenting and family life.

They were making great progress earlier in the year, but lockdown was too much for them. For Julie, who is in her 20s, lockdown highlighted how little effort her partner put into family life. Before lockdown, I knew something was wrong but I kept telling myself that everyone goes through tough times and that it is normal for men to behave badly sometimes. With her partner no longer having the stress of a long daily commute, she expected things to improve, but he still showed no interest in spending time with Julie or their child.

Realising that he was emotionally abusive, she called her parents to come and pick her up. Before the pandemic, it was easy to attribute problems in a relationships to the hectic pace of life. Taking away some of those external strains, such as long commutes or travel commitments for work, has meant many people are seeing their relationships clearly for the first time.

Lockdown has also made it harder to hide infidelity, Saddington says. In the end, she contacted his wife to let her know what had been going on. While many relationships have broken down , Saddington and Lalli say they have also seen couples grow closer. They tend to have good communication and an understanding of each other, and their vision of their future together is more aligned.

The more secure someone is in a relationship, the easier this will have been. Lockdown living Relationships. Dreary chat and no sexual spark: the couples who fell out of love in lockdown. With coronavirus keeping us at home, many of us have been taking a long, hard look at our most intimate relationships — and deciding to end them Coronavirus — latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage.

No chance of cover-up? The coronavirus crisis has accentuated existing tensions for some couples. Lizzie Cernik. Tue 4 Aug . Reuse this content.

Re sex chat mob my spark

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