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What on earth is in that stuff? They should rename it Dragon Fire, or something else to warn people away. She bursts out in another ringing laugh. Now, to the important business at hand, lady. Bern seems very interested and wants to hang out with me tonight. Are you cool if we stay here awhile longer? Pleeeaaase, Vail? Everyone has been very friendly to me so far. She pins me with an uneasy look and glances back at the door, as if to be certain that no one is about to enter. She leans in closer to grab both of my shoulders. He sees the way Alreck has been staring at you since we arrived. Have fun tonight, but you need to stay way clear of him, do you understand?

Not a guy for you to get involved with, my sweet. Her brows knit together in sympathy. Just watch out, okay? Jesus, Vail, he stares at you as if he wants to devour you. And I have to say that his stare is very intimidating. I shiver at the thought as a dreamy vision enters my mind: Alreck sitting atop his leather-clad motorcycle, gloriously naked.

My black Brazilian bikini panties instantly flood with dampness at the erotic image. I reluctantly clear my heated vision as Lisetta takes my hand and le me from the bathroom, her voice full of sincere concern. How does that sound? I pick up my wool coat from the bar seat, slide it on and weave back through the bodies toward the entrance. I need a few minutes alone. Alreck is watching me like a predator. I quickly turn and head out the front door into the bitter cold night. The snow is pummeling down in sideways-falling sheets, so I decide to descend the porch steps to take shelter under the striped awning coming off the side of the building.

I step under the cover and lean back against the wall to collect myself. The two stiff drinks have relaxed me and the fresh air feels awesome compared to that smoke trap. Fine with me, but still, a girl needs to breathe. I squint into the shadows and vaguely make out the person standing beside me under the long awning. You women. I was getting a little overheated inside.

He nods and hits a button on his cell before immediately launching into a long conversation in Norwegian. I rest my head back against the wall and shut my eyes for a few moments. I wonder what he did to get sent to jail. Why was I having such a primal reaction to this man? This is unusual … and intriguing. An odd cracking sound erupts from off to my right, a sharp noise that mimics the air compressor gun my grandfather used to use in his workshop.

The sound is immediately followed by a pained grunt. My eyes flare open and I immediately see Ragnar leaning against the wall at an odd angle, clutching his left shoulder. Just as I shake off the confusion and open my mouth to ask him if everything is okay, I see people moving swiftly down the wooded hill in front of us.

Two deep male voices are coming closer and speaking in a harsh, guttural language. Russian, maybe? Their dark pants and boots are stark against the white blanket of snow as they approach Ragnar. Self-preservation kicks in as I shrink back against the wall, desperate to disappear into the shadows. I watch in horror as he desperately holds his hand up and ple with them. After a few seconds I peek through my fingers and see that the two frightening men are now staring at me in surprise. My heart is about to explode out of my chest as adrenaline floods my system in a rush.

I whirl around and scramble like a terrified animal around the corner and back up the steps. A single shot whizzes by my right shoulder and the noise makes my ears ring as I make it to the unlocked front door. Throwing it open, I stagger sideways into the building and nearly fall over in the process. The entire place stops on a dime, including the band. The world moves in slow motion like freeze frames slowly flickering across a screen. Call an ambulance! I think they might be Russian.

He could still be alive. Someone help him. Oh God! Mikkel and the rest of the bikers race by us like sprinters. Lisetta holds me close to her and feels all around my body, searching for wounds. Did they hurt you? In shock and unable to answer, I bury my face in her blonde hair and shake my head no. Lisetta takes off down the long driveway racing like a banshee. The shaking is so severe that my teeth are clattering against each other.

After we gain a little distance, I start to slip out of my catatonic state and reality sets in. Taking her right hand off the wheel she strokes my cheek. Mikkel just texted me. He told me to hold off on taking you to the station until tomorrow morning. Right now we need to get you back to the apartment and pump you full of hot liquids.

And poor Ragnar, dear God! I slink out of bed the next morning, utterly exhausted from my fitful attempt at sleep. I throw on a pair of jeans, tall leather boots, and a lavender sweater. I top it all off with a teal puffer jacket and white fluffy ski hat. I step out into the living room and this morning the meticulous contemporary style strikes me as unusually cold. Lisetta is curled up in a fluffy blanket on the taupe, faux-suede loveseat. I wait for her to hang up before I start. Could you please come with me? He wants to come here and speak with us first, before we go.

He sounded serious and said that he needs to find out exactly what happened with Ragnar firsthand, before the police are involved. If they talk to anyone who was there they will know I was outside and they will certainly be looking for me to give a statement.

I could be deported for something like that. Mikkel very rarely makes requests of me. I sigh. They can tell me whether or not I need to go to the Embassy, too. I shudder. I watched him get shot in the face. She stands and crosses to me with a look of concern and shakes her head back and forth. Mikkel said for you to stay here with me. Before she can respond, I turn to leave and stop only to grab my messenger bag on the way out. I head out into the snowy streets and let the historic architecture of Oslo engulf me on the short walk to the University.

Most of them date back to the nineteenth century. This historic architecture is interspersed with lots of interesting modern buildings. I bury my chin in the warmth of my down parka and trudge up the sleek glass and chrome library steps, desperate to put the nightmarish images behind me for a while.

I unlock the apartment door at noon and hope to get this over with quickly so I can take Lisetta out to lunch. After only one step into the apartment, I push the door fully open and freeze. Lisetta is shaking like a leaf and staring at me from the center of our living room. Her eyes are wild and fearful. Their black leather gear and huge boots make them appear almost menacing.

They encompass the small living room with their sheer mass. The tension is thick, nearly tangible. Before I can run for it, I sense movement coming from my left and instinctively jump to my right to get away. He looks down at me, his face stern, as he folds his arms against his wide chest and looks across the room at Mikkel. My brain begins screaming the words on a repeat loop inside of my head. He died on the way to the hospital. Mikkel just told me. His poor parents and girlfriend! Unable to respond, I just stand there and stare at her in numb shock.

Naughty Norway wife

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