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They are there to lend you a kind and attentive ear, and to help you overcome the issues you might be facing. The video call will be end-to-end encrypted and will be held using Google Meet. Caution: We strongly recommend that people with serious mental health ailments like suicidal tendencies DO NOT use this service. If you are in need of immediate help, please refer to the below-mentioned facilities:. Sneha India www. Our QA team carefully selects the best product to make sure every piece of our jewelry is with the highest quality. Easy clean and change seat removes for easy cleaning.

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The Yellow Club formerly known as SoundMind is an online community committed to raising mental health awareness in India. Our vision is a future where mental health is accessible for one and all. We began the journey down this difficult road by hosting mental health workshops in major South Indian cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai and Bangalore. The workshop was led by psychiatrist Dr. Sanju George and 40 enthusiastic participants turned up to participate in the activities and discussions. Ever since, we have rapidly boosted our social media presence in a bid to use popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook to spread our message.

We have also been running online mental health workshops and sessions, as well as facilitating one-on-one therapy sessions through video call, with which we hope to make mental health support easily accessible to anyone. Yellow Club has one core mission — to make mental health accessible for all. And to this end, we are teaming up with experts in the field of mental health therapy to make mental healthcare available to anyone with an Internet connection. We are in the process of linking up with more and more mental health practitioners in Kerala, Bangalore and Delhi in an attempt to connect therapists and counsellors with people who require mental health care, regardless of physical boundaries.

As COVID continues to be an uninvited guest in our lives and causing much distress and pain world over, we have been conducting a series of online mental health sessions and workshops to help people cope up with the changed circumstances. When we listened to the people who participated in the sessions, we came to know about the multitude of mental health issues faced by them on an individual level and how they are not able to resolve them because of lack of easy access to therapists and counsellors. The prevailing circumstances have brought to light an urgent need to cater to specific issues faced by individuals on a personal level — even beyond this pandemic.

To resolve this issue, we felt that we could facilitate one-on-one sessions for people who need them, the details of which are given below. We can set up a personal session for you with any one of our therapists through video call, saving you the trouble of leaving the comforts of your home. And don't worry, we take extra care to ensure confidentiality and privacy. India has just 1. Poor integration, lack of mental health awareness, and a general disregard have also been contributing factors towards this concerning situation. Moreover, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been an eye-opener and has exposed the deep fault lines in our mental healthcare systems.

With this understanding, we have committed ourselves to the task of making mental health easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Using technology as our tool to bolster accessibility and connectivity to mitigate the effects of physical distance, we want to bring about a revolution of sorts in our collective and personal attitudes towards mental health. This would mean that we can tackle the fault lines in our systems by shifting to the virtual world where there are almost no barriers.

A world where therapists and counsellors can easily reach out to the people who are in desperate need of their help, especially during testing times like these. And to this end, we have embarked on an ambitious project to create a community of mental health service providers across India who can use our platform to provide mental health services to people who require it, even beyond this pandemic.

Currently we are working on bringing in more mental health practitioners from regions in and around Kochi, but we plan to reach out to practitioners in other major Indian cities in the near future. Accessible and affordable mental health care for all. Book an online therapy session. . up now. How does it work? Register Now. If you are in need of immediate help, please refer to the below-mentioned facilities: Emergency : OR Sneha India www. Talk to our volunteer! Upcoming Events. Suggest a session. The Yellow Club Community Experience. Get in touch. Natania Cheguvera Counselling Psychologist Kochi.

Sanju George Senior Psychiatrist Kochi. Saniya Bedi Counselling Psychologist Delhi. Pragya Lodha Clinical Psychologist Mumbai. Boney Kannoth Certified Counsellor Kochi.

Naughty girls in Kansas

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