Madison Wisconsin or discreet sex

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I lived in Madison from after graduating college, and was pretty unhappy with my dating options and social life generally. Since then, I have lived in Chicago, and overall am much happier with this aspect of my life. I think there could be a lot of factors that led to my dissatisfaction and subsequent improvement in this aspect of my life. On one hand, Chicago has a much larger pool of people to date and potentially find someone who I am compatible with. Madison is obviously smaller, has a smaller group of singles, and people might settle down a bit earlier. At the same time, I am probably a much more attractive person to date now -- I am much more confident and comfortable with myself than I was as a fresh college grad, which I'm also sure contributes to my improvement.

I liked Madison as a city, although I prefer Chicago. About Me: Straight. White collar professional. Not a health nut, but I take care of myself and want to find someone with a compatible lifestyle. I'd love to find someone who I can have a long-term relationship with, but also definitely not in a rush. Any recommendations on what the dating scene is like in Madison, particularly for someone in my age bracket? I'd appreciate whatever thoughts people have. She enjoys being a bitch. I got the vacuum though so you might have to buy one. Everyone's experience is vastly different.

All anyone can give you, in terms of advice on the dating scene, is anecdotal opinions. Given that, my experience with dating in Madison has sucked. I'm a straight, 33 year-old career woman. Have gone on dozens of dates, have yet to have a second one. Sorry we didn't click if that's the case. At least you weren't the one that ditched me at the Majestic and took my keys with you by accident.

I found myself in a similar situation at the same age. Madison is a fairly transient town for both genders so dating can be tricky. Many of the women I'd go out with were looking long-term but had no plans to stay in Madison, and at the time neither did I. My boyfriend is 28 and I met him on Tinder tbh it's not just for hookups anymore.

As someone who had an article written about my and other Madisonian's dating experiences , I hope I can give you a few recommendations. Get swiping. That's just how this thing works. That last one is working out for me. Maybe it'll work for you too. Eh its going to be worse than when you were last here. The 30 year old dating scene definitely exists in Madison but it is smaller than the dating scene of your last visit. If you limit to wanting to date someone not in graduate school the field becomes smaller.

Best way to see the dating pool here is to make s on online dating sites and look at what is actually available. This will give you an idea of how much a pita dating will be. This is probably one of the biggest ways [the medical technology company that shall not be named] has affected Madison, IMO. Tons of recent gr thrust into a new city not knowing anyone I recommend changing your location on tinder or bumble and seeing how you do, but won't offer advice beyond that. I think I'd look at what type of company you will be at what're the demographics of your coworkers?

Personally I work with basically all married people who are all older than myself, with kids, which is difficult in getting to know people in the area. I've had some luck in getting to know some people through young professional groups in the area, but everyone that could be dateable in my eyes is either already engaged or married. And then of course there's the online dating thing, which in my eyes is hit or miss, I've gone on several dates but nothing ever went anywhere, so either the pool is empty or I'm missing something major.

Like others have said, I'd look into other reasons you'd want to move here. I've personally loved it so far, but the career opportunities are limited for me so I'm looking out for where I may want to go next. I am late to the game, but am debating where I am moving to shortly. I moved to Madison back in for someone who I parted ways with no good.

I am a little older than you, but have the Benjamin Buttom syndrome I am told my classmates think I am in my early 20s I workout a LOT, college grad, sing, instruments, volunteer--super nerd and in better shape than most my age or even younger--I run for hours at a clip daily.

I used to model. I am not arrogant, just saying. I have been on ALL of the apps, including paid sites for years, and I have NO problem at all getting asked out on dates--in fact as I reactivated m OKC I received likes in a week--no cleavage, all conservative photos. I am not an asshole. I am the most giving, generous woman you will ever meet. I cook, eat healthy, but I do not smoke or drink and I do not care if a potential partner does, but this seems to be a deal breaker for most. I am usually either bored AF, men and women, I am a pansexual lie and say that they are not married when they are, lie, try to rape my mouth midday at the coffee shop when I have NOT flirted, I merely said "oh hello", have been catfished oh yes men, there are MANY men on OKC who are part of the "core" group as we call them, they are ruining dating for all in Madison by acting like fucking twats , run into poly liars, or people that want me to be a vessel for their seed.

I have had to have gone on over lame ass fucking dates and the men are just too eager, want to fuck me on site I LOVE sex and am quite athletic, but fucking slow the fuck down! I think something is wrong. My friend moved here from California, and he thinks it is in the water. Something is wrong with the people here.

I am not from Wisconsin, and I do not plan to stay. I am not looking for an insta relationship and I am not bringing a Uhaul, but the men and women here are shit, no matter what app they are on. Shit shit shit. I am extremely disappointed and regret moving to Madison. I was kind of feeling bummed about just turning 25 but I'm glad that I've got two more years before I turn into a "bad dude". Ok, I don't necessarily agree with the rationale, but this poster is on to something. OP, you were unhappy in Madison, right?

And you seem to like Chicago. Aside from Madison's slim dating scene, it seems like Chicago has more of what you like in a city. See if you can take that job offer an leverage a promotion from your current employer. There is more to living than your work. If Chicago fits your lifestyle and Madison's only advantage is a promotion, is that enough for you to pack up and leave? Do you envision that there isn't much job mobility in your field in Chicago?

And I agree with a lot of posters here: dating in Madison sucks. It's populated with somethings who are hitched because they're college sweethearts who stayed in Madison, grad students who are strapped for cash and time when it comes to dating like myself , and Epic employees who are recent gr and generally leave after a couple of years. But that's just my take -- I'm sure that someone else thinks differently. Regardless, congrats on the offer, and good luck on your decision.

Touring the capitol. Found the internet! Madison Dating Scene? Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best. My ex-wife is You can have her. Reply Share. Continue this thread. Good luck out there mate. I am a woman, a tall one. I have been on more coffee shop dates than a human should go on. I have found all of the same people on all of the same apps..

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Madison Wisconsin or discreet sex

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