Lifestyle in Des Moines IA

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For the past two decades, the city and its outskirts have grown into a vibrant urban and suburban center where people enjoy great food, culture, festivals, and job opportunities. All these things make living in Des Moines, Iowa great. The city was ranked the third most affordable city in the U. This is largely due to its ever-changing downtown, quiet neighborhoods, affordable living options, and convenient suburbs that make commuting a breeze.

There are many exceptional living options deed to suit every lifestyle. As a result, Des Moines has a high population of 30 somethings calling the city and its surrounding suburbs home. Finding the right home in Des Moines often means heading to the suburbs. This is because there are great rental housing options available and the surrounding towns are so close to the city A. A the commute is very manageable.

However, downtown is very walkable and the city has introduced some bike lanes. Downtown has several venues, including the Civic Center and the Wells Fargo Arena attracting world-class performers and shows. Many residents will spend a night or two on the town exploring trendy retro lounges, dive bars, or eclectic brew houses that have become major attractions of the city. Weather is very distinct in Des Moines. If not, snowy days and hard wind chills may be hard to adapt to at first.

Summer winds down in August with high heat and humidity, but fall is beautiful with clear skies, cool air leaves full of color. Living in Des Moines also opens the door to ample career opportunities with close to 60 companies now headquartered in or around the city. This might be because the cost of doing business here is 15 percent lower than the national average.

The lower costs make it an attractive place for businesses to set up shop, especially startups that need more affordable options to sustain their growth. It is the hub of the insurance industry, with a wide range of openings at agricultural companies, financial services, distribution and logistics, healthcare, and publishing.

If you want to live in Des Moines there is no shortage of housing options. But lots of people are headed to nearby towns and suburbs where a boom in rentals has developed. An option growing in popularity for couples not ready to buy is single-story apartment housing. A single-story apartment rental home has the same feel as a standard owned home but with the layout of a trendy downtown high-rise condo.

These apartment homes are more spacious with more storage and green space at a price comparable to cramped living in a high-rise apartment. With private garages, backyards ideal for entertaining, and spacious living areas, this next generation of apartment living is an ideal choice for singles, couples, and small families who are tired of traditional apartment life and want better amenities and peace and quiet. Ready to see why so many Des Moines residents are choosing Redwood for their single-story apartment rental home?

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Lifestyle in Des Moines IA

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