I love love Broadway women

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The Great White Way has always been the ultimate go-to spot for epic romantic moments, especially those sung from one enamored character to another. Steal his cute, simple lines which have been covered by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Harry Connick Jr. Added bonus: Constant encouragement from musical cheerleader Sebastian the Crab, in case you start to lose your nerve when you go in for that anticipated smooch.

But when her utterly mismatched gangster love-interest, Sky Masterson, replies, the sparks really start flying. Love may leave you tongue-tied, so make sure this one is on hand should words fail you. When the pair finally solidify their mutual flirtation, the result is a post-coital Spanish lesson between the couple at the break of dawn in on a hot summer morning in Washington Heights—and one of the sexiest, sweetest balcony well, fire escape scenes since West Side Story.

That rising sun? That humming, Latin-infused score? Those bilingual lovers whispering sweet nothings in two different languages? But how to address the more, er, active side of amore? Fortunately, the cheeky creators of Avenue Q dedicated an entire song to the enthusiastic encouragement of a little naughty behavior—and they hold nothing back. Rarely before or since has a besotted beach babe dropped the beguiling wordiness of womanhood much to the relief of confused men everywhere and gotten straight to the point. Broadway BUZZ. Sponsored By.

Tony Awards. A Bouquet of Broadway Love Songs. And for those of you getting cold feet, let the disco-laced hit move you right down towards the altar. View Comments. Back to Top. View our complete guide to Broadway's reopening.

I love love Broadway women

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