Dirty girl Fresno

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By Alonso Duralde. Norman, Oklahoma, in is no place to be either an overweight gay teenage boy or a sexually permissive young lady with a come-hither stare and a candy-apple red Mustang. So is it any wonder these two unlikely chums get the hell out of Dodge at the earliest opportunity? But with bullies clobbering him at school, who can blame him for wanting to put on his Walkman headphones and escape into the songs of Melissa Manchester?

Temple effectively masking her native UK accent and first-time writer-director Abe Sylvia give Danielle enough layers to keep her from being just another tart with a heart of gold. Saddled with a far less showy role, Dozier, making his big-screen debut, nonetheless holds his own opposite Temple — the further away Clarke gets from Oklahoma and from Joseph , the more he flourishes. In the way an inexperienced cake decorator learns to cover mistakes with fondant and florettes, Sylvia patches his movie together with irresistible hits from Pat Benatar and Teena Marie and Belinda Carlisle that rouse the audience and keep the story going even over its roughest patches.

If nothing else, Danielle — like Dorothy before her — learns that long trips are more fun if you can travel with someone who knows all the words to your favorite songs. The Wrap Updated. By Alonso Duralde 4 Min Read.

Dirty girl Fresno

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Review: 'Dirty Girl' a Fun Ride Down a Familiar Road