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For the Record …. Santana was born in Autlan de Navarro, Mexico, on July 20, His father, a mariachi violinist, taught him the violin and guitar. After the family moved to Tijuana, he began to learn and copy American blues from recordings of B. Santana moved to San Francisco , where his parents had relocated, and discovered jazz.

According to Mark Rowland in the liner notes for the album Viva Santana! A positive side, a dignifying side of Africa through Cuba and Puerto Rico. The band Santana was formed in around the talents of bass guitarist David Brown and keyboard player Gregg Rolie. Although they were still unrecorded, they were included in a festival line-up that featured Janis Joplin , Jimi Hendrix , and Joan Baez.

Later gold albums included. Awards: Recipient of Gold Medal Award, Box , San Francisco CA Caravanserai and Welcome Among the other instrumentalists who have appeared with Santana are congoist Armando Peraza, Ndugu Chancier, and jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter.

Carlos Santana has also performed as a jazz musician. His personal fusion of rock and salsa was not always appreciated by the audience, according to John Storm Roberts of the Village Voice. By , Santana had split his musical identity into his work with the band, which still played fusion Latin-rock and his solo albums, which were more overtly religious.

The songs are more concise and pop oriented than ever, yet Mr. Now, Santana is more willing to confine his overt religiousity to such projects as Oneness [the solo album] and to let his spiritual mesage be more indirectly conveyed at Santana concerts. Santana has also conveyed his message of spiritual awareness at a variety of political and socially conscious benefits.

The band was one of only four acts to appear at both Woodstock and LiveAid. They can be seen and heard on Musicourtthe United Cerebral Palsy benefit jam sessions recorded on video in Santana ed with Run-D. C at a Crack-Down concert for Artists for Crack Education in November that featured a collaboration among its members, West African percussionist Babtunde Olatunji, and second-generation salsa-fusionist Reuben Blades.

Santana room to toss out some of the musical ideas on his mind; throughout the night, acting like a jazz musician, he quoted from other songs …. But more than anything, it is an instrumental band and it was over a steaming, raunchy blues boogie that both Mr. Santana and Mr. Rolie … found their highest moments. Viva Santana! Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Stratyner, Barbara " Santana, Carlos. Stratyner, Barbara "Santana, Carlos. September 22, Retrieved September 22, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Within a few years, the artist, known simply as Selena, won a Grammy Award for her album Selena Live.

Selena sold six albums between and By the age of 19, she was a millionaire; by the age of 21, she could draw crowds of 20, at the fairgrounds at Pasadena, Texas. Music critics proclaimed she would be the next Madonna , i.

Selena and her band performed Tejano music — Mexican ranchera style music mixed with German polka sounds owing influence to pop, country and western, and Caribbean music. Tejano traditionally meant music by Texans of Mexican descent. But Selena, among others, modernized the traditional accordion-based Tejano or Tex-Mex music with country twangs, techno-pop beats, dance mixes, and international influences. More than 70 radio stations playing the uniquely, Latino-styled tunes form a corridor from south Texas through California.

Her father Abraham Quintanilla, Jr. When Quintanilla heard his daughter sing at six years of age, he knew Selena was destined for a musical career and encouraged the musical talents that she revealed. I could see it from day one. Through her love of all different kinds of music and early jam sessions with her brother on bass and her sister on drums, Selena demonstrated her passion for the musical arts.

There Selena first performed in public with her brother and sister as members of her band. But the economic recession of the early s delivered a knockout blow that closed the family restaurant, forcing them to leave. They played at weddings and in cantinas and honky-tonks to very small audiences — oftentimes less than ten people.

In a dilapidated van with one foldout bed in the back, the troupe traveled and performed. In , eight-year-old Selena recorded her first tune — a country song sung in Spanish; her Tex-Mex band was in full swing by Selena left school in the eighth grade to spend more time travelling with the band and earning money for her family, but she eventually completed her high school equivalency requirements through a correspondence course. The band started playing larger venues, including ballrooms. They also recorded nearly one dozen albums for a small regional label.

In , Selena — then years-old — won Tejano Music Awards for best female vocalist and performer of the year. This was the big break that Selena and the band had worked for years to achieve. Though Selena was the rising star of Latino pop, she was still very much a Texan.

She could not speak Spanish and learned the Spanish lyrics for her lively songs and romantic ball phonetically, coached by her brother, who wrote the songs. At the advice of her father, turned manager, she began taking Spanish lessons in the early s, so that she could project a more genuine Latino image during interviews on Spanish-language radio. Selena had repeatedly refused offers for fan clubs, keeping her career a family project.

Saldivar lived near San Antonio , working as a registered nurse, and caring for three children abandoned by her brother. When speaking of her desire to work for Selena, Saldivar told the Dallas Morning News in that she became a devoted Selena fan after seeing a San Antonio concert in She gives her whole to you. Saldivar reciprocated by transforming her apartment into a Selena shrine, laden with Selena photos and memorabilia, including a life-size cardboard pop-up of the singer.

She also won five more of the 15 awards presented at the Tejano Music Awards ceremonies, including best female entertainer; best female vocalist; album of the year; Tejano crossover song; and record of the year. I am still freaking out. In , Selena promoted Saldivar to a paid position as head of Selena Etc. But things began falling apart rapidly. Meanwhile, fans were not receiving t-shirts and other Selena items that they had paid for, and money was disappearing from one of the salons. Selena and her father both confronted Saldivar about the reported abuses.

Saldivar protested claiming that she had documentation to prove her innocence, and offered to show Selena the alleged papers. Selena and Saldivar were supposed to meet alone at the Days Inn where Saldivar was staying. The next day Selena went to the Days Inn sometime before noon to talk with Saldivar. At a. Police detailed that Saldivar met Selena at the door of her motel room with a. Selena staggered to the lobby before collapsing, though she remained conscious until paramedics arrived. Response teams rushed Selena to the hospital. Despite blood transfusions, Selena died a few hours after being shot, on March 31, Saldivar holed up with the revolver in the cab of a pickup truck in the Days Inn parking lot.

For hours she threatened to shoot herself while negotiating with police via a cellular car phone. Saldivar finally surrendered at p. Mourners also gathered in San Antonio, the capital of Tejano music, at two separate sites. Selena was killed just as her career was about to skyrocket in new directions. Cameron Randle, a recording industry executive specializing in Tex-Mex music, voiced his opinions of Selena in a retrospective of her career published in Entertainment Weekly in April of She was about to take center stage as the first Tejano performer to attempt a full-scale crossover, and she was robbed of that opportunity.

The jump into the top pop slot made Selena one of the fastest selling female artists of all time, second only to Janet Jackson. An amazing , copies of the compact disc were sold on the first day of release. New York Times , April 2, ; April 3, Tower, Christopher " Selena. Tower, Christopher "Selena. His father, Jose Santana, was a violinist of some local renown and through him Carlos had his earliest exposure to music in the form of the traditional Mexican violin. Although he never found the violin to his liking, Santana acquired a definite appreciation for music and the determination to make performing his career.

When the Santana family moved to the border city of Tijuana in , Carlos discovered American music. Rock-and-roll and blues artists such as Freddy King, B. King , Ray Charles , and Little Richard were given heavy air play on the radio and by local cover bands, and the teenaged Carlos found something soul-stirring in the powerful electric rhythms.

His father gave him a guitar and by the early sixties, he became a professional musician, playing long hours in the thriving Tijuana strip club scene. Carlos disliked the United States at first and returned to Tijuanato live on his own and support himself as a club musician.

Although this brief spell of freedom was stimulating, the harsh lifestyle of the club circuit took its toll and in late , Santana returned to San Francisco for good. Here he found a new variety of music, discovering jazz, international folk music, classic salsa from the likes of Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri , and seeing artists like B.

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